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HUMANT's products vary in size by design.
The size table is for reference only, and please contact the email below for the exact size.

Refunds caused by size errors are difficult.
Please make sure to check before purchasing.
  • 基本
  • 全皮革
  • 全皮革 + rubber sole
  • 全皮革 + vibram sole

  • Vibram sole
  • Matthew Vibram




Basic Information
Caleb BR







商品名 商品数 価格
数量+ 数量- 30900 (  )
商品金額合計 : 0 (0 点)
      サイズ : 220 - 300 mm
      ヒールの高さ : 5 cm
      素材 : Suede 100%
      カラー : Black

      製造日 : 2023.9
      製造国 : 大韓民国
      製造者および輸入者: (株)フマン
      Order and Shipping Information
      All HUMANT products are custom-made and require 7-10 business days, excluding holidays.
      Please understand there could be a possible delay during holidays.
      Shipping is made via the International Mail EMS, and shipping fees are at the customer's expense.
      All items are delivered within 3-5 business days in average.
      However, please understand there may be exception during special occasions.

      As [HUMANT] uses natural leather material, the item you receive may look slightly different from its image,
      as each leather has its own valuable texture and color. We promise our best craftsmanship,
      however please understand that item may have bond marks or fine contamination as all items are handcrafted.
      Bond marks or fine contamination cannot be considered as defective item.
      Item may different from its image due to brightness/resolution of the monitor.
      All products are made of natural leather and are sensitive to wrinkles.
      If the item has excessive wrinkles, it cannot be return/exchange.
      Please keep in mind to wear and storage time with exceptional care.

      Exchange and Return Policy
      All products of [HUMANT] are custom-made and cannot be returned.
      It cannot be cancelled after order has been processed.
      The first exchange can be made within one week of receipt of the product.
      Make sure the merchandise you exchange is in its original condition,
      otherwise we will be unable to accept exchange.
      Products that are ordered to be specially designed, such as foot extension, special size,
      additional decoration, and heel changes, cannot be returned or exchanged.
      Except the case of defective items,
      customer is responsible for paying all related shipping fees to exchange/return.
      When exchanging/returning item, please make sure to contact us in advance.
      Please indicate the exact reason for the exchange/return and send it with the product.
      Keep in mind that General non-consulted returns may be rejected/returned.

      In case product exchange / refund is not possible
      1.Traces of use
      All of the products are made of leather and sensitive to wrinkles, if you try them wear, can leave a trace of use.
      In this regard, it is not possible to exchange or return products if the value of products such as excessive use
      and excessive wrinkles are deemed to have been impaired.
      (Natural leather properties can cause natural wrinkles in the making. But it's a completely different form of wrinkles from wearing it.)

      2. If a week or more has passed since receiving the product
      If you wish to exchange or return the product after receipt,
      please contact the customer center or email within a week.
      (A week after receipt of the product, no exchange/refund is allowed.)

      Size guide
      The size of the products varies slightly depending on the design.
      Please contact the customer center( before purchasing
      and I will explain it in detail and kindly.

      All products can be repaired if necessary.
      Some repairs may require additional charges.
      Severe damage caused by careless manage of product may not be repairable.
      To repair item, please contact customer service for more information.
      When sending your item, please indicate specific information about your repair.

      Taxes on Overseas Shipping
      According to each country's policy, taxes on overseas deliveries can be levied.
      For products that have already started shipping, the return due to taxing will not be accepted
      and you will have to pay additional shipping costs and taxes.
      Please make a careful purchase.

      Customer Service
      If you want to inquire, please use the Q&A bulletin board on the website to get the most accurate and quick information.
      If you are having difficulty using the bulletin board on the website, please contact us at.